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We help high-performing individuals, students, teams and organizations develop mental and emotional resiliency, to achieve extraordinary focus, personal resolve and improved productivity.

Dave Nelson

Founder, Milestone Mind, Inc.

A focused, calm and resilient mind requires self-leadership.
— Dave

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Charlie Engle

Kate Milliken

Stacy Bare

André Kajlich

What past participants Have to Say…

I have found Milestone Mind to be a source of great clarity, energy and motivation and therefore, a very rewarding process.
— Drew, Former Collegiate Runner, Co-Founder, Yasso, Inc., Boston
We thought it was outstanding and powerful as it shows in the feedback.
— Adam, Co-Founder, O2X Human Performance, Former Naval Special Operations Lieutenant Commander
Milestone Mind was a game changer for me and has set me down an amazing path of self discovery that is helping me in every single area of my life.
— Kristie, Professional Photographer and Owner, Kristie Rae Photography and Founder of The Soul Project, Boston


positive insights for well-being

Taking our leading evidence-based curriculum that we’ve taken hundreds through, we will tune into what personally and organizationally fosters well-being, resolve and inspiration within yourself and team and what does not.

Courageous self-leadership

Then taking these insights and putting them into action. Taking personal accountability with self-leadership, to make your decisions and actions more in-line with your personal and organizational well-being, values and what matters most to you, which then extends in all directions leading to massive results. Great leadership begins with self-leadership.

Improved team Focus and resolve

Once we combine the above two capabilities, you become your best path to focus, personal resolve, and team cohesion. Clarity, inspiration, reduced stress and improved results comes from within, and it is our job to teach you how to develop and foster these capabilities.

Deeper Team Trust and camaraderie

When members of your team come together to work on hard problems, and then aid one another toward solutions with Milestone Mind’s guidance, the team will walk away with a deeper appreciation of one another, leading to better productivity and teamwork.