Advanced Mindset Training for High-Achieving Individuals


Our proven process will help you understand exactly who you are, how your past is holding you back, and how you can move forward by designing a future that aligns with your deepest, most important goals and values.

When you join one of our coaching programs (or participate in our online class), we’ll walk you through a proven system that will help you reach your highest self every single day.

This is a journey only you can take – but we’ll be there to help you every step of the way.


A Focused, sustainable direction in your life

We take a bottoms-up method by entering into the understanding of yourself first. We will help you get started with inward reflection, then move into outward reflection, aligning your authentic self and subsequent goals with the world around you.

A powerful daily personal leadership practice

We arm you with a proven process that helps you reach your highest self every day, rather than only sometimes. We repeat this process in 4 Milestone segments, with the 5th Milestone being a reflection, and acting as a rite of passage. Milestone Mind is hands-on system, aimed at pushing you to gain real mindset knowledge aimed at allowing you to fearlessly be your authentic self.


Goal systems that once helped you to maximize yourself, also change, and it is this truth that electrifies the process outlined described by our system. It is not the final knowledge of yourself that the Milestone Mind advanced mindset training system creates, rather it calls out the knowledge about yourself today, and how this knowledge exemplifies all that is you in the present moment.

Past participants have cited an average of a 90% increase in self-motivation and ability to take action after taking part in a Milestone Mind program.


Here’s What You’ll Get When You Work with Us:

  • Focused, sustainable direction in your life and work.
  • A powerful daily personal leadership practice that will help you produce the results you’re looking for.
  • Authentic alignment of your values with the goals you’re setting in your personal and professional lives.
  • The ability to respond to life’s ups and downs with a calm mind and a focused heart.
  • The courage to take action every day on the things that are most important to you.

Here’s How Our Approach Is Different From Other Coaching Programs

Our approach wasn’t learned in a text book - it was learned through struggle and a desire to find our own answers. It started as a personal journey and turned into something that many others started benefiting from. You might call it life experience first with a certification second, foundation. We didn’t just go through some weekend program to turn around and regurgitate that on to you. We’ve built this through a holistic lens starting with our personal background from an education in business from Harvard, to over 10-years of selling and leading for Silicon Valley companies, to studying Sociology at Lafayette College to becoming a NLP Master Practitioner from the International Coaching Federation, and more. Milestone Mind has been developed to give you a thoughtful, thorough and well-researched proprietary system and intuitive approach to mindset. It was first for us to build clarity, and now, for you to do the same.



the 5-milestone journey

The cornerstone of our Advanced Mindset Training System


Becoming the most effective leader begins with how you lead yourself, first. We carefully work together and begin with Phase I of the Milestone System. From there, after having been put into practice in your daily life, we move to Phase II to conquer the path ahead.



milestone 1   |   Discovery (modules 1-4)

  • Module One: Defining the Value System
  • Module Two: Defining Motivation Types
  • Module Three: Defining Association vs. Disassociation
  • Module Four: Defining the Psychological Safety Zone 

milestone 2   |   Re-Discovery (Modules 5-8)

  • Module One: Hot Air Balloon Exercise
  • Module Two: Identifying Where Your Motivation Starts
  • Module Three: Explore Those That Inspire You
  • Module Four: Defining New Value and Priority System

Milestone 3   |   Action (Modules 9-12)

  • Module One: Define New Outcome You Desire
  • Module Two: Overcoming Complacency
  • Module Three: Creating A.C.T.I.O.N.™
  • Module Four: Write Your Future Story from 3rd Person



MILESTONE 4   |   Conquer (Modules 13-16)

  • Module One: Eliminate Limiting Beliefs with Outcome Specification
  • Module Two: Exploring Universal Laws and the Chakra System
  • Module Three: Timeline Elicitation
  • Module Four: Write Your Future Story from 1st Person

MILESTONE 5   |   The Fifth Milestone (Modules 17-18)

  • Module One: Write a Letter to Self from Future Self
  • Module Two: Core Transformation and Somatic Theory

Are You Ready to Get Started?

We are excited to begin this journey with you. Leveraging the 5-milestone blueprint that is helping elite performers develop authentic personal narratives, we deliver this well-researched system to you in a variety of ways. Learn more about the three primary methods through which you can take advantage of this proven system.