Developing Purpose and Cohesion

How Milestone Mind helps high-performing individuals and organizations develop mental and emotional resiliency, to achieve extraordinary focus, personal resolve and improved productivity.

What it is:

Milestone Mind works with high-performing organizations who are moving fast, yet finding with growth comes more stress, reactivity, and lack of motivation, slowing the organization down, when they need it to speed up, and understand the importance of resiliency and resolve.

These organizations are trying to do everything possible to see what could actually create success, yet are often left feeling scattered with many things left undone or done half-hearted.

They’re aware they don’t feel optimally or are performing the best they can, yet, are unsure about where to take things.

This causes great stress, and makes them try to do more, when in reality, they need to fine-tune their focus.

This is where Milestone Mind helps: develop mental and emotional resiliency, to achieve extraordinary focus, personal resolve and improved productivity.

Milestone Mind clients go on to produce meaningful and fruitful business results, while reducing stress and increasing enjoyment in their personal and professional lives.

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A Focused direction in personal and organizational goals

Learn and implement a fresh motivation strategy within your life, as the old and tired techniques do not work for your organization anymore.


Skillfully allow yourself to re-discover what really matters to your organization and people, and then apply that back to your lives and work.

Learn powerful personal and professional growth practices

Reduce stress by elucidating exactly what you want out of your work and life, and develop systems that allow you to pragmatically start living in an intentional way, again.

Milestone Mind client, Dan, after earning a top 5 finish at the extreme endurance race, Sea2Summit Tri. Way to go, Dan!

Milestone Mind client, Dan, after earning a top 5 finish at the extreme endurance race, Sea2Summit Tri. Way to go, Dan!

The problem we help address

Before participating in Milestone Mind, many clients have allowed their high-growth mindset to inhibit slowing down, checking in, and aligning personally or as a team. This causes great mental and emotional stress.

We help by implementing a strategic program, allowing the person or organization to take time to pause, reflect and implement the positive personal and organizational mindset, deeper personal and team cohesion and trust, and improved resolve as they look to embark on big personal or organizational goals, together.

We can help you and your team develop organizational mental resiliency and resolve. Find out how by clicking this button today:

Here’s How Our Approach addresses this challenge

Milestone Mind facilitates a refreshing and effective self-discovery approach, helping clients get to exactly what they are driving towards, carefully peeling off the activities that are just getting in the way if this pursuit.

This thoughtful strategy inherently makes their clients satisfied as they are being skillfully guided (and not wasting time - which they hate to do), to the answers within that they are looking for.

We have over 30-hours of proprietary mindset and mindfulness programming. This is not fly-by-night. Our approach was discovered through struggle and a desire to find our own answers.

Instead, we’ve built our approach through a holistic lens that includes:

  • Sociology and Business educations from Lafayette College and Harvard Business School

  • Master NLP Practitioner Life Coach from the International Coaching Federation

  • Buddhist Studies and Tara's Triple Excellence Intensive (100-week, 1,400-hour meditation and mindfulness program) from Kathmandu University's Centre for Buddhist Studies at Rangjung Yeshe Institute

  • Student of and direct mentorship from Phra Bhavanawachirawidesa V. (Mongkol Kuakool), Master Monk at the Wat Nawamintararachutis Buddhist Temple in Massachusetts.

  • CMA Certified Meditation and Mindfulness Teacher

  • ECAC Award of Valor Recipient

  • Lafayette College's David Nelson ’06 Award of Valor Recipient

Dave and his youngest son, Luke.

Dave and his youngest son, Luke.

“I wanted to learn how we could still achieve meaningful things in our lives, without depleting all of our vitality or sacrificing important aspects of ourselves - that we’ve deemed important as individuals - to discover what could actually help us feel peace of mind, while happily achieving our ambitious pursuits.”

Dave Nelson, Founder of Milestone Mind, Inc.

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Here’s what past participants have said about working with us:

I’ve gained, and continue to gain a much better understanding of what innately drives and inspires me, and how to use this understanding to more fully elucidate and achieve my personal and professional goals.
— David, Cornell MD, Co-Founder Infinity Family Care, Boston
Dave is a modern day sage and if you’re asking me, anyone can benefit from the his talks and the Milestone Mind program!
— Chris, CrossFit Athlete and Extreme Skier
I learned how to prioritize things important to me and what I’m passionate about. Milestone Mind has challenged me to think broadly.
— Marco, Former Olympic Skier, Goldman Sachs, Chicago
There’s something special about Dave Nelson! Incredible experience led by an incredible man. I enthusiastically recommend Dave’s talks and the Milestone Mind program.
— Joe, Senior Account Executive, Nutanix, Inc.
As I look to develop a productive culture and structure for sustainable growth, Milestone Mind has been instrumental in helping us define our values and goals.
— Brad, Former Collegiate Skier, CEO, Bestgen Wealth Management, Boston
I have found Milestone Mind to be a source of great clarity, energy and motivation and therefore, a very rewarding process.
— Drew, Former Collegiate Runner, Co-Founder, Yasso, Inc., Boston
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We’re Excited to Help You Get There, Too

Milestone Mind leads from the heart, and are always first to put theirs’s out there. This helps create a very comfortable environment where sharing naturally flows and takes place. It is through this skillful, yet compassionate teaching style, that Milestone Mind sets the table and creates an environment for you to go to new places that you might be afraid to go to on your own.

Our hope is that through our co-pilot approach, the right things in your life will never be uncomfortable again.

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