January 14, 2018: Monday's Leadership Meditation

Self-compassion. This word has been materialized, unfortunately, giving off a certain unnecessary fluffiness to it, causing people to miss the point. We see it as an activity, or something only "weak-people" do. I give it some new thought this week for this week's self-leadership meditation, with the aim of helping people see it in a way that empowers them to take a new look at self-leading - and how to do this in a way that sparks rejuvenation and growth.

December 10, 2018: Monday's Leadership Meditation

Ego. A lot of times we think, ‘if I’m not this ‘thing’ than what am I really?’ Or, ‘I didn’t work this hard to throw it all away.’ Or, ‘Isn’t that so bad, or isn’t that so good?’ It’s been such a challenge to get our minds wrapped around the fact that we are not these structures we build up around ourselves. We’re simply not. No one was born to be a leader, or be a business owner, or teacher. We were born to be human, and with that comes significant understandings, to be found through reflection and intuition, in order to live in alignment with these understandings to feel presence in our lives, none of which talk anything about accumulation or a separate ‘me’ as the path. Listen this week as I reflect on this idea for our weekly (self) leadership meditation.

December 3, 2018: Monday's Leadership Meditation

Environment is a reflection of the 'invironment' - this goes for earth's environment, which we are inextricably tied to, and of our own personal natures. Often we hear about environments, but we never hear about what created the environment, and then why it's not changing. Personal growth is not about changing your environment, it's about allowing your 'invironment' to change, and then allow the new environments to take shape from there. Listen now as I reflect for this week's leadership meditation.

November 19, 2018: Monday's Leadership Meditation

Worthiness. This word gives me hives. It supposes one is more worthy than the other. Or that only based on one's actions or external approvals should they afford themselves the chance at worth, be it professional or personal. Self-worth is the most of fundamental human capacities, and is not owned by actions, or outcomes, more so, it is recognized in the absence of something that gets in the way of it, and it is not external to oneself. This relates greatly to leadership and self-leadership as it's not something that is granted, rather worth is your's always and your's realized.