June 25, 2018: Monday's Leadership Meditation

CORRESPONDENCE. We are what we see. Like any law of physics, this one is no different as it plays right into cause and effect. As it matters to personal, professional or organizational leadership and vision, this concept of reflection is critical to understand if morale, trust or job satisfaction are low. Things are mere reflections. What makes them good or bad are wholly influenced by their inputs. Let’s explore more now.

June 18, 2018: Monday's Leadership Meditation

FREEDOM. My favorite line from any movie is this one word - when William Wallace hurls the word from the abyss of his soul as they take his life. Intense. But, what was he fighting for? The freedom he was shouting at the last moment of his life? We talk a lot about freedom these days: personal freedom, time freedom, financial freedom, freedom this, freedom that. These freedoms have nothing to do with the type of freedom we really want, the same freedom people like William Wallace was willing to give his life up for. Let’s think more about this now - listen here.

How My Morning Routine Helps Me Start My Day in a Calm State of Mind

How My Morning Routine Helps Me Start My Day in a Calm State of Mind

The most important all of the lifestyle and mindset changes I’ve made in my life, and now teach people about, are around mindfulness, meditation and breathing. There’s an abundance of evidence these days supporting these activities, which has been great to see. They key, though, is consistency, and practice. One-time of anything has little or no change. One-time of anything over many days added up, has profound changes when you look back and connect the dots. This week, I discuss my personal mindfulness and breathing practice. Read now.

June 4, 2018: Monday's Leadership Meditation

EGO. Big word for such few letters - what is it's purpose? Is it as evil as we make it out to be, or could it be there for a reason and is just misunderstood? This week I reflect on the notion of ego, and give some thoughts around what could really be going on with this word what we could better understand as we seek to make better our own lives. #mindset #reflection #meditation