PRESS RELEASE: Milestone Mind Partners with Plumdrop Co. to Outfit the Mindset Experience at Spartan Headquarters


Milestone Mind, Inc. today announced that it will be partnering with Plumdrop, Inc., an outdoor activity gear rental company to roll out its joint services for Milestone Mind’s Mountainside Mindset Retreat program. The strategic partnership would be launched initially for the upcoming October retreat at the Spartan Headquarters camp at the Riverside Farm in Pittsfield, Vermont October 2-5, 2018. 

What is Milestone Mind? 

It is leading-edge mindset and mindfulness training for high-growth people and organizations. Their approach gives you a thoughtful, proprietary, well-researched, and intuitive approach to shifting your mindset to be more clear, proactive and pragmatic. Past participants have cited an average of a 90% increase in self-motivation and ability to take action after taking part in a Milestone Mind program, and close to a 800% reduction in feelings of stress.

Founded by a near-death survivor and former Silicon Valley sales leader, Dave Nelson, Milestone Mind is a proven process that will help you understand exactly who you are, how your past is holding you back, and how you can move forward by designing a future that aligns with your deepest, most important goals and values.

The partnership will allow Milestone Mind to offer an unparalleled experience for their enrollees so that they have a hassle free and amazing retreat. Plumdrop will be servicing each customer with all the apparel, gear, including a personal GoPro camera, and accessories needed for their retreat experiences in the outdoor events throughout the program. Plumdrop will ensure that there is an adventure box for their hiking, mountain biking and climbing needs available in their rooms when they check-in for their event. This offering is available exclusively for all their Milestone Mind retreat customers. Enrollees do not need to bring any of the provided apparel or gear to the destination and it will be available for them as a rental experience. (The experience also provides them an app to get all the exclusive series of other packages available for them to use in other retreats or personal times. This partnership thereby allows guests to polish their body and mindset in a Milestone Mind way.)

“We partnered with Plumdrop today because we want the best experience for our program enrollees and would like to allow them to focus on their minds rather than all the other items surrounding their retreat” said Dave Nelson, CEO of Milestone Mind. “Through our partnership with Plumdrop, we’ve created an energetic program designed to celebrate the mind and provide access and convenience to other elements of the outdoor experience and lifestyles.”

Mountainside Mindset Retreats are 3-day group trips that are designed to help you grow through shared mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual challenges. All skills levels, abilities, and genders are welcome on every retreat. On each retreat, we will be going on adventures and doing teamwork exercises (check out the full itinerary here) – but we promise that it’s not going to feel like the Navy SEALS Hell Week. We’re not here to break you or make you cry.

To participate, all you need are motivation and a desire for change.

Plumdrop focuses on five outdoor activities in the market today: Hiking, Camping, Kayaking, Mountain Biking and Skiing. What Plumdrop offers is all that someone would need for an outdoor adventure. Let’s take skiing for example – the guest will receive a box at their hotel room. It contains a rental section – GoPro, helmet, Jacket, pants, goggles and gloves; an essentials section for purchase – first aid kit, base layers, socks and a swag bag for free – hand warmer, Chapstick, hot chocolate packet, granola bar etc.  We concierge the heavy gear at your destination.

Why you may want to join us at the next Mountainside Mindset Retreat:

  • Need space to think? Our highest goal for each retreat is to create a massive mindset shift for you. Not just a small change that lasts for a few days, but a transformation that you’ll carry with you when you go home and pick up the details of your everyday life.
  • Need to reclaim calm in your life? Proper meditation can make all of the difference in reaping the benefits of mindfulness, and its extraordinary effects on mind, body and spirit. We’ll be delivering an everyday mediation program to incorporate this important healing practice into your busy life.
  • Need to bust past a plateau? During your adventure, you’ll reframe your own vision of who you are as a person and as a leader, and learn to live intentionally to allow the right things to unfold in your life. You’ll leave your retreat feeling ready to kick ass in life.
  • Need to unleash your inner leader? We’re all leaders on these trips, and there’s no hierarchy. We’re all co-participants on every adventure, and no one is more important than anyone else.

“It was the best kind of collaboration in meeting mind and body experience which attracted us to partner with Milestone Mind. While we'll focus on equipping the guest’s body, without the burden of ownership, this will help Milestone Mind and its participants to stay focused on mind.” said Mansoor Basha , CEO of Plumdrop.

“By identifying their needs and wants for the retreat, we were able to create a personal package for each guest for those retreat days, allowing them to leave the experience with the memories rather than the luggage.”

Secure your spot for just $195 now by visiting here.

#Owntheoutdoors: Strike a Pose to Win a Free retreat

To celebrate the program launch, on June 15, Milestone Mind and Plumdrop will do an Instagram promotion to spread the word on Mindfulness while managing stress and owning it in the outdoors. One lucky winner who responds to the DM messages and engages on Instagram will get a free retreat coupon to join amazing speakers and guests at the Mountain Retreat. Just follow #goplumdrop on instagram and respond to the promotional photo with a DM message and your email stating your favorite outdoor activity.

About  Plumdrop

Plumdrop provides rental experience packages with high-end apparel, accessories, and all the gear required for incredible outdoor adventures curated by elite badass athletes who are at the top of their field. Our goal is to provide flexible, hassle-free rentals and items to purchase in each box so that anyone can have their own effortless outdoor adventure -- and look great in the process.
Our mission is to get people to go outdoors and have great experiences. Every company says that but they are trying to sell them something in the process. We are not doing that. We are trying to actually give everyone who ever wanted to try different outdoor activities a chance. A chance to rent out that whole experience and have a luxury element to it so that they come back wanting more. 
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About Milestone Mind

Leading-edge mindset and mindfulness training for high-growth people. Our approach gives you a thoughtful, proprietary, well-researched, and intuitive approach to shifting your mindset to be more clear, proactive and pragmatic. Past participants have cited an average of a 90% increase in self-motivation and ability to take action after taking part in a Milestone Mind program, and close to a 800% reduction in feelings of stress.

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