Support the Milestone Mind Institute's Free Online Education for All Program.

Not everyone has the means to access education that can make a difference in their lives. Many have stressors or certain life situations that have made it very difficult to afford proper training and education to help reduce stress and gain clarity. 


Thank You Kindly for Making this a Consideration.

We've made a conscious decision to no longer charge people for access to our online programs. Why? 

  1. We got into this work to help as many people as possible. Money is a major barrier to doing that, so we've removed the direct request for payment out of the equation.

  2. To make our programs most visible in today's time, we'd have to spend a remarkable amount of money on marketing and advertising, putting an extreme amount of time and effort into mastering the marketing machine that people are tired of, ultimately taking away from our authentic desire to educate and help people. We didn't get into this to be a multi-level marketing company. We got into it to educate and help people - your generous donation helps us stay focused on this mission, allowing our work to grow through value-add, and not manipulative marketing strategies.

  3. We believe in you and in the love and support of others, that should you or someone you care for receive value out of one of our online programs, including our podcast, that you would seek to contribute through donation to enable us to continue to do meaningful work for others.

100% of every donation goes directly to programming content-rich mindset and mindfulness training for people, so that all can access Milestone Mind online courses at no charge. Help us to continue to do our work in a meaningful and authentic way, reaching many more people that could use the help of Milestone Mind. Thank you for considering this initiative.

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