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Learn how to ask the right questions to spark the right insights in your life, and begin to operate with clarity and confidence. 



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We lead you to grow your mindset and release the artificial limitations that you've allowed to hold yourself back. The Milestone Mind team will guide you to that place you know is within your reach. Past participants have cited a 150% (2.5x) increase in conviction to their personal missions, as compared to before the program. Join them and let's define your mission, embrace your mission, and conquer your mission; one-hand, one-foot, one-breath, and one-beat at a time. 


our advanced LEADERSHIP mindset training



 Define your mission, embrace your mission, and conquer your mission; time to go touch that summit.


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You can train individually or as a team, in-person or remotely, being carefully guided through our proven programs.


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Experience what other high performers have gained through our evidence-based and highly curated system.


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What is a Milestone Mind?

It is personal truths blossoming towards their fullest capabilities daily. It is guided by the core that resides within you. It's your well-spring from within coming alive.


a person with a milestone mind is a LEADER determined to get up everyday and make something happen with their life

They take setback, failure and anger and turn it into fuel to be better, stronger and wiser today than they were yesterday.

They stand tall in the face of negativity and limiting social beliefs, ready to throw down for the greater good of themselves and for that of all.

They care for themselves, knowing self-love is the key to personal mastery, ultimately meeting the call we're all asked to answer: to bring our best stuff to the world everyday.

advanced leadership mindset training

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Exclusive online training that is helping leaders and elite performers develop powerful personal focus.

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"Life after near death: How to Leverage the Power of Team and Connection to Overcome Anything"

by Milestone Mind's founder Dave Nelson

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