Milestone Mind's Personal Insights: Silence and Your Greatness

By Dave Nelson

As I've been head-first into my studies of psychology, NLP and philosophies and implementing them for Milestone Mind, I've been struck by some of the simple answers that have become insights for me.

For instance:

Through internal silence, wisdom and truth emerge. Through this, self-knowledge and acceptance can result, and through that, positive outward action and expression spurs self-love; which encourages harmony with others.  

What I am finding, though, is that to reach one to the next, people have resistance - so, they never move from within, and stay silent (not expressing outwardly) with their thoughts, hurts, pains, and even desires. It's like somewhere along the way, people were told to 'keep your mouth shut, and don't speak up about your needs,' though, this is one of our greatest desires - to be free and able to express all that is each of us. How come we succumb to this resistance? Fear is too easy of an answer. It's not fear. It's called being misinformed. We've never been told how to understand our intuitions and insights, or to process our hurts and pains to move past them instead of suppressing them (and only talking about them, and nothing else), but rather, we've been conditioned to think what we're told to think, keeping all of this bundled up and smothered inside of us. This conditioned mindset is the making of man-kind - not, God, or of the human spirit - your same human spirit. 

Why is it that people have such heartache and stress, yet still think they can't live from within, with what guides them in a self-loving way? Misinformation. 

Now, this doesn't suggest we blame others - quite the opposite. It implies taking accountability of your life, and that only through this fundamental belief of accountability, can you own your life, and not have it owned, and allow the answers from this silence to emerge. That you can then embrace these as truths for your life, and then trust you are meant to be everything this silence is telling you that you can be: your greatness. 

I can't prove this to be true, but my faith in this life allows me to know that it is real and honest. What I can prove, though, is that the conditioned, human-made and force-fed mindset(s) aren't working. Look at the war-torn countries around the world, or the genocides taking place, or the opioid epidemic in the US - and the list goes on: divorce rates, hate crimes, gang violence, bullying, ridiculing, gossipping, and everyday selfishness by so many - need I go on? 

We've been taught to not think for ourselves. Like not being taught personal finances in school, we're not taught how to work from within, embracing our internal silence, on our own journeys, to know our own truths, and to let those truths come alive - ideally without judgement from others, but with acceptance from them, because we've all learned to trust our own silences. At first, this insight angered me as it seems so simple of an answer that it's baffling we haven't embraced this; but then I realized, it was my silence informing me, and for that I was grateful and hopeful.

Let your internal silence inform you. Make a difference by going within and by embracing your truths through this silence. To then process any pains and hurts casuing resistance and self-sabotage, and, from there, act on these truths, and emerge to the splendor and magnificence that you are being called to be: your greatness. Through this, give yourself to the world, allowing the beauty of the world to give itself back to you. That seems like a pretty cool place - I want to live there. Will you join me?