If You're Highly Motivated, This One is For You

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Podcast Script Below

By Dave Nelson, Founder at Milestone Mind

July 11, 2017

So you were born to feel ‘nice’? Instead of doing things and experiencing them? Don’t you see the plants, the birds, the ants and spiders and bees going about their individual tasks, putting the world in order, as best they can? And you’re not willing to do your job as a human being? Why aren’t you running to do what your nature demands?
— Marcus Aurelius

What are you motivated to achieve?

Is it prestige, success, peace of mind, love, power or something else?

How are you motivated to achieve these things? At all costs, no matter the sacrifices? How does the pursuit of this effect others?

Do you know your sacrifices; what is needed to lose in order to gain, and have you challenged that in losing these things, you would gain what you were motivated to achieve?

How often do you challenge your motivations? When is the right time to be motivated in this pursuit? How do you sustain motivation in this pursuit? 

Are you truly motivated in this pursuit, or do you find yourself burned out just thinking about it? 

I want to ask then, one more time, what are you motivated to achieve? 

One more time for a third time: what are you motivated to achieve?

Did your answer change from the first reply, or do you feel like you are stoked and ready to get after this pursuit? If it did change, what changed? Was a feeling or sense? Where in your body did you feel this? Was it your vision of the pursuit that changed, your idea of the outcome or did an entirely new vision come to the surface? Was it a new pit in your stomach, or did your chest get heavy with an elevated heart rate?

Now, I am going to ask you again, for the fourth time: what are you motivated to achieve? How come you are motivated to achieve it? How are you pursuing this achievement? Does your current pursuit hit the mark? 

If yes, forge ahead. If no, what could you change? Would it be the pursuit, but with the same outcome? Or, keep the quest, and modify the outcome?

How does this positively or negatively affect others in your life?

How have you planned this pursuit? Is there a plan? What do you want the plan to be? Have you written this plan down? How does the plan make you feel? Are you excited about beginning this plan, or is it time to start a new plan? Where do you begin?

Ok, 15-second rest (maybe more if you need it).


One last time: what are you motivated to achieve with your one life?

I want you to ask yourself for each of your previous answers, from the first question to the fifth question of "what are you motivated to achieve?" the following questions, "what is it about the previous answer that I want even more of?" Start with your first response, until you've reached your fifth response to the question, "what am I motivated to achieve?" and then challenge that answer with "with this, what do I want even more of?"

Now, I ask that you trust this final answer. And, start working upwards from there. 

Go back to all of the previous follow-up questions above, and ask if your current pursuit is leading you to what you are ultimately motivated to achieve - what you just came to the conclusion of -  and if you are not, it's time to realign your pursuit until the answers match up with what you are ultimately motivated to achieve.

Now, are you going to do the work? Or, put it off until later? When do you expect, then, to reach what you are ultimately motivated to achieve? Do you think it will just show up one day? 

I've found that highly motivated people often operate from the identity of 'being highly motivated' but the one caveat to that is we think we need to be motivated with every last thing we do, and that from working from this identity, we think we will achieve what we are driven to achieve: winning. But, unfortunately, that is where is stops for many: winning. There lacks the notion of challenging what it is or was about winning at this trivial thing or that minor thing that which we truly desire.

If a highly motivated person could reserve some of that sweet energy they have and put it towards things that matter most in their lives, how do you think their life would feel then? Pretty rewarding? 

We help highly motivated people harness this energy so they focus on the things that matter most in their lives, including the people in their lives so that they can feel satisfied in the pursuit of all aspects of their lives, not just professional success. 

We'll often hear people are competitive in no matter what it is that they're doing, and why they may find themselves depleted. How come this happens? Challenging what it is or was about the win, in this thing or that thing for which they wanted to succeed in, did not exist. If we could just take 5-steps back, asking ourselves repeatedly what we are really motivated to achieve, and then work from that fifth answer, we can become incredibly clear about the right things for us as individuals to pursue, approaching them with a full heart, mind, body and spirit; and, determining what other things are just robbing you of your awesome motivation and energy that should be used to pursue the things that matter most to you. 

So, why are we afraid of asking ourselves these questions? Are we scared of the answers? But, what's more terrifying, living your life unsatisfied, trying to win at everything, only trying to satisfy other's expectations of you (only to show up warn-down, dissatisfied and angry, making you no good for anyone); OR, challenge your motivations, getting to know what you are really motivated by, and then work upwards from there, showing up satisfied, happy and friendly? 

How do you expect anyone else to be satisfied with you if you are not pleased with yourself and your pursuits? The quote, "never be satisfied" has robbed people of just that: satisfaction.

But, isn't that what we all want? Satisfaction? Why shouldn't we be satisfied in our pursuits? Well, that's a rhetorical question, because the answer is obvious, and you've only been lied to by being told, "never be satisfied," and robbed of your happiness thinking if you're motivated and more competitive than your neighbor at all pursuits, you'll be happy. 

But, never be satisfied right? So, then, what is this pursuit really going after? What is your high motivation doing for you, in this sense? Just being better than your neighbor? Making one dull, burned out and discouraged? What about yourself? What if you put your high motivation towards something that was satisfying to you, and that you were satisfied in its pursuit, welcoming the outcomes enjoyed by it?

Again, whose core needs are you more interested in satisfying, your own, or those of others? So, then you are dissatisfied, and they become satisfied? Sadly, there doing the same thing; they're seeking your satisfaction. 

But, you don't care about being satisfied with them. You want their satisfaction, thinking that's your path to happiness. But, they're not satisfied, either.

So, who is satisfied, in this sense?

We have a conundrum. 

What if you worked to achieve what you are truly motivated by, to then become satisfied, and thus, people are satisfied with you? 

How can people be satisfied in you, if you are not satisfied with yourself?

So, then, how come your pursuit is the satisfaction of others, and not your own, knowing that the latter is how you gain their satisfaction, by fulfilling your satisfaction first?

Conundrum solved.

I urge you to seek self-love, the pursuit of fulfilling your core needs: your real desires; and from there, give yourself to the world. I think you might just become one of the most satisfying people for others to be around and to know. 

Challenge your motivations, trust the core answers you gain, work upwards from this information, and turn your high motivation into a difference making, world brightening, energy giving, inspirational force that you're satisfied with, towards the things that matter most to you, less the trivial motivational pursuits, and reach what you're ultimately motivated to achieve.

You become satisfied, and henceforth, so does the world around you.

What is it now that you're motivated to achieve?