Episode #58 - Part 1 of 10 - How Did Buddha Define Failure?

Episode #58 Summary:

'Fear of failure' is one of the most common motivators that pervades our professional world today. The deeper and deeper I've gotten into the science of motivation over the past several years, it appears that those who have succeeded at something worthwhile were almost entirely motivated by something other than fear or 'fear of failure,.' And, although many want to replicate these results from the inspirational people we look towards, by and large, we still feel compelled to try to motivate ourselves through fear or 'fear of failure.'

This week, as apart of a 10-part ‘how do we define failure’ series I start with one of my biggest inspirational bodies of work in Buddhism: how did Buddha define failure? I’ve included both the video and audio recording.

I realize some of this will be open to opinion, agreements and disagreements, so I am going to take this as sincerely and objectively as I can, applying what I know about motivation in an evidence-based way. My intention with this series will be to develop a deeper understanding of certain figures, which is of course open to improvement and further growth after the analysis. 

My hope is that through improving our understanding of how inspirational figures saw failure and success, it can provide us a renewed dialogue and opportunity to reframe and approach motivation in a healthy, more sustainable and less destructive way in our lives.

This will be a 10-part series, with a new episode coming out every 2-weeks - not a ton of time to deep a multi-year study on a figure, but my hope is to spot trends in their lives that helps me answer these questions around fear, failure and success. 

In-between these episodes, we'll still be posting enlightening conversations we have with awesome people trying to do meaningful work.


The Other Shore by Thich Nhat Hanh

Buddhism: One Teacher, Many Traditions by The Dalai Lama

Video Podcast: How did buddha define failure?

Failure is non-existent.
— Buddha

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