Episode #60 - From Founder and CEO to Professional Boxing Coach, Mindset with Bruce Babashan

Episode #60 Summary:

For fifteen years Bruce ran a successful business consulting firm called LeaderBridge. LeaderBridge provided a range of business consulting services including executive/leadership coaching, executive search, fund raising, business plan development, sales training and strategic and general business consulting.

Prior to that, Bruce had a senior-level executive career at DHR International. DHR is one of the largest senior-level (C-suite) executive search firms in the USA. While there, Bruce served in a variety of positions including SVP, Managing Director-Los Angeles and Practice President - Gaming & Hospitality. In addition to these roles, Bruce also served on the firm's Senior Operations Committee, the Dispute Resolution Committee and as one of the primary sales executive trainers. During this time, Bruce interviewed, consulted for and worked with hundreds of the nation's top business minds and leaders. Bruce considers this one of the greatest learning experiences of his executive career and values his time with the firm very much. 

Bruce is an internationally renowned professional boxing coach/trainer and USA Boxing Coach. Bruce's athletes have competed at every level in the sport including the Olympics and professional international and world championships/titles! In addition, Bruce coaches high school football at one of the most successful high school football programs in the history of the State of Maryland. 

Bruce has been shaped by his failures as well as his successes and triumphs.  He feels that it is important for his clients and athletes to know he remains a work in progress and, whatever status and respect he has earned as a leader, has come after many years of trial and error, success and failure and the hard lessons learned from regret.


Your Corner Man with Bruce Babashan

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