Episode #26 - Fighting Mindset with Andrew Myerson, Co-Founder of Haymakers for Hope

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If I can make it a priority, I can conquer anything.
— Andrew Myerson

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Episode #26 Summary:

We have a great friend as our guest this week. Andrew Myerson is Co-Founder of the Boston non-for-profit Haymakers for Hope. 

Haymakers for Hope is an official 501(c)(3) charity organization that began in the fall of 2009, when co-founders Julie Anne Kelly and Andrew Myerson embarked on the grueling training process to compete in the New York City Golden Gloves. Julie was the defending champion in the women’s 132 pound division and was looking to defend her title, while Andrew was competing to try and win his first. Julie and Andrew decided that the grueling physical, mental, and emotional test of competing against the country’s best amateur boxers was not enough–they also wanted to raise money for cancer research, making the tournament an opportunity to literally fight for a cure! Both originally hailed from the Boston area and decided to approach Dana-Farber and the Jimmy Fund with idea of creating and sponsoring a donations web site with all proceeds going to the hospital. Officials at Dana-Farber and the Jimmy Fund were extremely excited about the idea, and accepted Julie and Andrew’s proposal.
By the end of the tournament Julie had successfully defended her crown and the pair raised around five thousand dollars for cancer research! Cancer is not an anonymous, vague disease to either Julie or Andrew. Julie was diagnosed with Hodgkins lymphoma shortly after college, and now celebrates over a decade of being cancer free. By the time Andrew was in college, he’d already lost one high school friend to the disease.

Flash forward to present and Haymakers has now raised more than $5,900,000 across the three annual events! Haymakers for Hope is proud and honored to be looking forward to our sixth year of knocking out cancer in 2016. Not every fight ends at the bell!
I’ve known Andrew for many years, and he has always been a silent warrior. Someone who is constantly trying to push his limits, but not for show, rather, for self-growth. He sees through challenges, and honors the journey, and the struggle not as defeat, but as improvement. Andrew is soft-spoken, but his words pack the punch needed. His actions speak louder than his words, and I urge you to go check out what he has done with H4H – I think you will be inspired…here we go, enjoy this week’s episode.

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Quotes from the Episode:

"Mindset in one word: positive."

"Fighting for me is about throwing yourself into something."

"I always look at things through the context of what is the worst that could happen?"

"Trying to do two things at the same time was really a disservice to both things."

"It's all about testing things as quickly as you can."

"Everyone has ideas. It's more about who will go out and put the work in to do them?" 

"The faster you build something, the faster it falls apart" - Yvonne Chenard

"If you want to do something the right way, it just takes time."

"How do we scale, but maintain that personal touch?" 

"Don't compare yourself with other people, compare yourself with yourself."

"If I can make it a priority, I can conquer anything."




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