Episode #22 - Athlete Mindset with Dave Maloney, Founder of The D10

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You just have to go do it, without overthinking it.
— Dave Maloney, Founder of The D10

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Episode #22 Summary:

This week’s guests and newest partner to the Milestone Mind Movement is The D10's Founder, Dave Maloney.

Dave has guts and vision. Pair those two together, and you get The D10. He is pragmatic, bright and knows competition, when fostered for good, can have an immense material impact on fighting cancer.

The D10 is a nationally televised athletic competition produced for amateur athletes testing speed, strength, agility, and coordination through a mix of 10-events traditionally performed in the Olympic decathlon and NFL Scouting Combine. The D10 uses a proprietary, performance-based online pledging system to connect athletic performances to charitable outcomes. Since inception, participants have raised $8.0M to support North America’s leading pediatric cancer institutions working collectively to cure pediatric cancer. The D10 is featured regularly in Sports Illustrated, Wall Street Journal, ESPN, Forbes, CNBC, Fox Sports Radio, CNN, TODAY Show, Bloomberg, The New York Times, Fox Sports Radio, ESPN Radio, and Fox Business Network.

The D10 celebrates the brilliance of amateur athletes through world-class athletic events measured by their economic and social impact.

Dave is a true entrepreneur with a vision to combine the love of sports with the positive social impact they can have well beyond the playing arenas. You're really going to enjoy this episode, and I hope through listening to Dave, realize sometimes the best ideas don't always have a clear road-map, but rather, they have heart, determination, passion and vision as the starting line.


Quotes from the Episode:

"Mindset in one-word: dreams."

"You're going to learn the merits of your idea if you're observant and humble."

"The market will help tell you the direction that the vision should go."

"If you overthink it, you'll just never get started."

"If you're thinking about doing it, just go do it." 

"There are people I meet each and everyday that serve as inspiration on my journey."

"Once an athlete always an athlete."

"An athlete is coachable, self-motivated, and thrives on deferred gratification."

"The price of greatness is responsibility." - Winston Churchill

"You can learn more about a person in an hour of play, than a year of conversation."




The Milestone Mind Movement

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