Episode #24 - Warrior Mindset with Jeff Gum, Former Navy SEAL and Founder of Loudmouth Patriot Swimwear

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Always be looking to give.
— Jeff Gum, Former Navy SEAL and Founder of Loudmouth Patriot Swimwear

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Episode #24 Summary:

This week’s guest is Former Navy SEAL and Founder of Loudmouth Patriot Swimwear, Jeff Gum.
Jeff is more than just a tough-minded warrior. He is thoughtful, insightful and one of the most selflessly minded people I’ve had the pleasure to speak with. Combine the mindset it takes to be a Navy SEAL with the love of the beach as well as a mission to give back, and you get Loudmouth Patriot Swimwear.
Loudmouth Patriot Swimwear, a Brazilian Swimwear line is all about Freedom! The swimwear captures the essence and flavor of Brazil while displaying the individuality, self-confidence, and Patriotism of the Red, White, and Blue. Jeff also founded and designed Patriot Shades, polarized and eco-friendly bamboo sunglasses which feature laser engraved stars and stripes, and float in the water so you never lose your sunglasses to the bottom on the ocean again.

Prior to founding Loudmouth Patriot Swimwear, Jeff had a ten-year career with Naval Special Warfare where he was a proven leader, mentor, and instructor focused on teamwork, innovation, and strategic planning within the NSW Community.

Jeff has an uncanny ability to know what means the most to him, and is fearless in his pursuit of these things. You're really going to enjoy this episode, and I hope through listening to Jeff you gain deeper insight into following your gut, and letting nothing stop you or get in the way of your dreams.


Quotes from the Episode:

"Mindset in one-word: Focus (and pivot)."

"It's sharing in new challenging experiences where we create deep connections."

"Is this person going to be selfless or are they going to be selfish?"

"They made it through because they were amazing teammates, not amazing individuals."

"It's not only helping the guy next to them, but also relying on the guy next to them." 

"When you show your vulnerabilities to someone, and they show you their's, it builds trust."

"Fortune favors the bold."

"With great risk, comes great reward." 

"There is a lot of risk, but the key is mitigating the downside and stacking odds in my favor."

"Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail." - Emerson

"When you're on the right path, doors will open where there were previously walls."

"Show, don't tell. People can talk all they want."

"I am never out of the fight." Navy SEAL Creed

"The 2nd path may end up taking you way higher than the 1st path was ever going to."

"When you know what you're about, it becomes way easier to convince people."

"Mindset is all what you make it."




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