Episode #28 - Survivor Mindset with Josh Mantz, Bronze Star Recipient, Near Death Survivor, and Founder of Darker Souls

Episode #28 Summary:

Major (ret.) Joshua Mantz is the author of The Beauty of a Darker Soul, a book dedicated to helping people overcome emotionally traumatic experiences. A graduate of West Point, Josh served as an Infantry Officer in the US Army for nearly a decade, and is the recipient of the Purple Heart and Bronze Star with Valor. He is a highly sought after speaker on the topic of emotional trauma, having shared his message at TEDx, Got Your 6, and hundreds of other events.

Josh was serving as a Platoon Leader with the 1st Cavalry Division in Iraq when he was shot and killed by an enemy sniper. The bullet first severed the aorta of one of his men before ricocheting into Josh’s leg and severing his femoral artery. He went on to flatline for 15 minutes before being revived by the medical team, and retains full recollection of the event.
It’s this experience that has ignited a passion in Josh for helping others grappling with emotional trauma, and now informs his work within Darker Souls. He is a firm believer that all of us have the strength to overcome our experiences and regain control over our lives.

Here we go, enjoy this week's conversation with Josh Mantz.

Through that surrender came an overwhelming sense of peace.
— Josh Mantz

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