Episode #33 - Transformation Mindset with Greg Hillson, Co-Founder of Bar Fly Bike and Wellness Advocate

Episode #33 Summary:

This week we had Greg Hillson onto the podcast. Greg is the Co-founder of Bar Fly Bike.

What is a Bar Fly? The most cyclist recommended bike mounts for your Garmin, GoPro, Joule, Cateye, iPhone, lights, cameras and junction boxes. Fenders for road, MTB, CX, gravel. Bags, grips and stowage systems for your gear. Any bike, any rider, any terrain.

Bar Fly created the first ‘front and center’ computer mount 4 years ago, becoming the catalyst for a new category in the cycling world. Their products are designed to enhance and simplify the way you, the rider, connects with your bicycle, giving you more time to enjoy your adventures.

Greg started his career at a bike shop in New Hampshire, to eventually moving to Sausalito, CA, growing BarFly to over 100,000 customers in just its first 9-months. Since then, they've developed over 35 products and found at retailers and distributors around the world.

But, this is just where things get started in our chat. Greg was confronted with a health crisis only 1-year back, that thrust him head first into thinking about life, his priorities, and the man he wants to be.

Listen to Greg's poignant account of transformation, and learn how his new approach to wellness and lifestyle can help you on your high-achieving journey to creating sustained, healthy success in your life.

Let's go! 



Your energy sets the tone and will attract the type of people you find yourself surrounded with.
— Greg Hillson

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