Episode #34 - Optimization Mindset with Adam La Reau, Co-Founder of O2X, Founder of One Summit and Former Naval Special Operator

Episode #34 Summary:

This week we have Adam La Reau onto the podcast. Adam is Co-Founder of O2X and a former Lieutenant Commander in the US Navy SEALs who began his military career as a Midshipman at the United States Merchant Marine Academy (USMMA). Having left active duty in August 2013, Adam attended the Harvard Kennedy School of Government and received an MPA. He also founded 'One Summit' a non-profit to help build resilience in children with cancer.

O2X provides comprehensive Human Performance training and education so our nation's heroes can reach and sustain high levels of performance. 

O2X was born from VO2 Max, the gold standard for measuring cardiovascular fitness and aerobic endurance. O2X's company vision is clear: to be the gold standard and global leader in providing Human Performance education and training to our Nation’s heroes, tactical athletes, and elite organizations.

The O2X HP team is comprised of U.S./UK Special Operations veterans, collegiate and Olympic athletes, and 40+ human performance experts who have a passion for healthy living and the undying pursuit of helping others push beyond limits to Rise Higher every day. 

One Summit’s mission is to help childhood cancer patients build courage, self-confidence, and resilience through experiential learning and mentorship. One Summit's experiential learning takes place in form of indoor rock climbing, at a Climb for Courage. Through this exciting, challenging, and safe adventure, One Summit induces individual challenges that empower the children to achieve growth through conquering adversity.

Adam is a warrior in the highest sense of the word, always looking to give, improve and bring himself, his team and his customers to new levels of improvement every day. 

Here's Adam La Reau - Let's go! 

That feeling of uneasiness means that you’re alive.
— Adam La Reau

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