Episode #40 - Decision Mindset with Rob Harsh, Cancer Survivor, Author and Founder of Awakened Adventures

Episode #40 Summary:

In 2016 Rob faced his ultimate challenge when he was diagnosed with Stage 4 Lung Cancer and given just a 4% chance of survival. Defying conventional wisdom he chose to forgo chemotherapy and take a holistic approach to healing, transforming every aspect of his life through diet, exercise, meditation and the principles of practice he learned as an athlete. Rob is now in full remission and continuing his efforts to serve and empower others through coaching, writing and guiding.

Along the way he’s climbed mountains on five continents and participated in over fifty of the world’s toughest adventure racing and ultra running endurance events such as Badwater, Eco Challenge, Southern Traverse and Coastal Challenge. In 2003 he led blind adventurer Erik Weihenmayer, who was the first blind man to scale Mt. Everest, to the finish of the 450-mile Primal Quest Expedition Race in California and later went on to become a race director in Primal Quest Utah in 2006.

His main focus is developing one of a kind adventures that create opportunities for people to explore the world through adventurous travel. By bridging the gap between ancient wisdom and modern knowledge he offers transformative experiences that explore the land, culture & mythology of each destination, supporting people in stepping beyond their comfort zones, expanding their perspectives and learning universal wisdom that can be applied in overcoming perceived challenges in any area of life.

Rob's lucidity and conviction are contagious. His ability to articulate his path to healing is going to inspire you to understanding that wellness is a choice, not an outcome. Enjoy this week with Rob Harsh.

I decided, whether it was going to kill me or not, that I had something I could learn.
— Rob Harsh

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