To Lose Weight, You Diet; To Gain Strength, You Lift; To Gain a Mental Edge, You...

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Do what?

People tend to believe in what they see. Having faith heavily relies on hope and trust, but that along the way that the thing you are putting this faith into, you are seeing a positive feedback loop that keeps thrusting you down a particular path; hence having faith in its process. 

If you are looking to lose 10lbs, you will tend to focus on improving diet, trusting that this alteration will lead you to your desired outcome. You have faith in its process. 

If you are looking to add bulk and strength, you will increase resistance training, so the body will adapt to be able to move more weight than you can today.

But, it's faith in both of these changes that you believe will lead you to a better outcome. We know that a single day of lifting and dieting will do close to nothing for you. 

It is when you add single days up over an extended period to begin to SEE the changes you so desired. 

Is there anything taboo about either of these activities? NO. Working out and dieting is about as American as grilling burgers on the 4th of July.

And who doesn't love an excellent burger on Independence Day?

It's why some people diet even: to have days like these without guilt! Guilt? That's another topic for a different day.

You diet to lose weight; you lift to gain strength and burn fat, all to lead you to a GREATER YOU.

What do you do to workout your other capacities: Positive Mindset; Determination; Grit; Mental Endurance; Passion; Unflappability; Clarity; Positive Self-Talk; Visualization; Priority Definitions and so on?

'Well, nothing.'

All of these things, Positive Mindset, Mental Endurance, and so forth are CAPACITIES that are adaptable. They just do what you ask them to do. The Same way your new diet asks your body to adapt or your new strength program asks your body to change and get stronger. What happens when you do nothing for anything? Well, your body adapts and it becomes a chore just to get off the couch. Your body is only doing what you're asking it to do.

But it all starts in the mind, and where the real adaptability begins.

Close to 95% of people's waking lives are spent dwelling on the past in negative experiences and very little on what they are going to conquer today.

So we tend to not go to the mind afraid we will pick a scab that will drive us further into a hole.

But, let me ask you a question. What's driving you into a hole: spending 95% of you waking life avoiding moving past negativity instead of moving towards a positive mindset, or taking 30 Seconds a day, right when you get up, to plant a positive mindset for the day?

Let's take a look at our Return on Time (ROT) for these three activities: dieting, strength training and forging a winner's mindset.

Dieting probably takes you close to 3-hours a day to pull off your desired results, and it requires daily practice.

Gaining strength takes you close to 1-hour a day to pull off, and it needs close to daily practice and massive consistency.

Forging a Winner's Mindset can take as little as 30-Seconds every morning for the Mind and then Brain to ADAPT to the new instructions you are giving it. 

Which is your best ROT? 

Everything starts in the MIND, but we are afraid to venture there for many wrong reasons, one of the biggest being: 

"I can't see the changes, so not sure it's worth 30-seconds." 

Let that sink in for a second. It takes 3-hours a day to positively adapt your diet; it takes 1-hour a day to positively adapt your strength, and, it only takes 30-seconds a day to positively adapt your MINDSET. 

Mindset is one of the hardest things for people to commit to, why? I'll let you answer that, but in my deep reflection, there is not a single reason to not work your mind the same you work your diet, your strength, profession or anything else for that matter.

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Between now and then, think about your Return on Time with the above three activities, and start to see just by giving your MINDSET more focus if you can start to create space in your life to get out of your head, and into the game: your life.

Commit and Win,