Creating YOUR Tsunami Effect

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By Dave Nelson, Founder of Milestone Mind

May 10, 2017

One of my favorite quotes is the Chinese Proverb "Be Water."

Depending on the context it is delivered in, it can mean a lot of things to a lot of people.

One interpretation is simply to go with the flow of your life. Another is to be flexible in your outcomes but steadfast in your process. But, the way we like to interpret this is this: become an unstoppable force within your life.

When I initially reflected on this proverb "Be Water" it in a way comes across as soft and tender, calm and peaceful. And I struggled to bring any significant meaning to it.

Like so many proverbs or sayings, much of them come across as overused, lightweight and fluffy and can lose the power they're meant to generate by reducing them into a simple mantra that doesn't resonate with you or anyone else. They discouragingly become just words people spit out to sound exciting.

Words too are forces, as are the ideas that created your words. But I want to focus on the water today.

I want you to imagine for a minute that you have a single water molecule in the palm of your hand. Can you see it? No. Can you even feel it? No. We're covered in them and even breathe them in with every breath, but we can't see, taste or sense their touch. 

Water seems pretty insignificant when reduced to a single molecule.

Now, I want you to imagine a little puddle of water in your hand. You can feel it and see it, but you probably just want to wave your hand around to make your hand dry again. This puddle is millions of molecules added together. Still, the water is pretty insignificant and meaningless at this point.

Now, I want you to pretend you are sitting on a beautiful beach, the sun shining, and looking out at the ocean, and you notice the undertow has gone out almost a mile. And then upon looking more closely, you see a massive wall of water coming straight at you at nearly 1,000 miles-per-hour. What do you think of water now? It's a pretty badass force. 

Time to pack up the beach toys and TRY to run for safety - hopefully you make it.

Another point about water: the colder it becomes, the more its surface tension increases, until the point of it becoming ice - a solid. The clear notion here is water becomes less breakable the more solidified it becomes.      

If you study any of the warrior traditions, including our own here in the US, ALL of them include cold water as a means to fortify the spirit of the woman or man. 

Being cold and uncomfortable is one of the most effective ways to improve mental strength, but it also produces the presence of mind. When you're cold, you're thinking of absolutely nothing else than the here and now. 

It can in very short order push you to your limits. But, as you reach one limit, your bar goes higher, and that feat becomes less difficult. Your surface tension improves, and you become more and more unbreakable. Like water.

I want to bring this back to your life now, and how by BEING WATER can make you an unstoppable force {hopefully for good} within your life and the world of perceived limits around you.

A single molecule of water equals every breath you take. A puddle of water equals every day you live.

Take away that a single breath (the molecule) and even a single day (the puddle) in of itself, although important, do not create the force needed for a tsunami. But, if we were to take the molecule, and the puddle, put them in the freezer to just before freezing, and compounded them day over day over day, one day at a time in a forward direction - of the life you can and ought to live - that you would've amassed enough water, surface tension, and force to create an unstoppable Tsunami. The only difference between a single molecule of water and a Tsunami is that there are many of them in the latter, and they are ALL MOVING FORWARD IN THE SAME DIRECTION, with an unstoppable force {your soul} behind them. 

So, my interpretation has changed and evolved, and it is this: be kind, calm, unflappable and healthy every day, like a flowing river, but compound these days up one at a time and create my TSUNAMI EFFECT - my life - where I am unbreakable and unstoppable. 

The Tsunami Effect takes daily consistent and deliberate action. Otherwise, your life is just a lukewarm warm puddle.

So, BE WATER, but even more, CREATE A TSUNAMI.