Coming August 2018!

Milestone Mind to Introduce Mediation and Mindfulness Training for High-Growth People

Proper meditation can make all of the difference in reaping the benefits of mindfulness, and its extraordinary affects on mind, body and spirit. We are developing an everyday mediation program for busy people to incorporate this important healing practice into their lives. It's been one of the most important things we've done on our journey's here at Milestone Mind, and a daily priority to be practiced so that when we're out living our lives, our mindsets are clear, proactive and pragmatic.


"A research study published by the University of Oxford in November 2013 provides evidence of the effectiveness of mindfulness. The study examined the effects of the course for 273 people who had completed it, and showed that, on average, after one month, they enjoyed:

- A 58% reduction in anxiety levels
- A 57% reduction in depression
- A 40% reduction in stress"

- BeMindful.Co.Uk


Interested in finally embracing meditation and mindfulness in a practical way?