When I Was 21 Years Old, I Had a Near-Death Experience

In August 2005, a stranger stabbed me in the chest, puncturing my heart, when I tried to intervene in a fight in downtown Boston, Massachusetts.

My injuries were so severe that I actually died in a cab as I was rushed to the hospital. I’d been dead for seven minutes when the doctors at the Massachusetts General revived me.

All of this happened right before I was supposed to start my senior year at Lafayette College. I’d been elected co-captain of the football team, and I was gearing up to lead the team into the fall season. 

When I opened my eyes in my hospital room, I knew immediately that I wanted to recover as soon as possible and get back on the football field.

With the help of my doctors, friends, family, and coaches, I did recover – and I started playing football again two months later. 

It was the greatest comeback we had ever seen.
— Massachusetts General Hospital

My football team went on to win the Patriot League Championship that year – and now I use my near-death experience (and what I learned from it) as one of the foundations of my personal coaching method.



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Four years later... 

...my brother, and best-friend, Chris whispered his last words, “I love you, too” before he passed away peacefully after a battle with cancer. 

Before Chris died, I had asked him what he would have wanted to achieve if he’d had more time. 

Chris replied, “I wanted to make a million dollars in a single year, meet Barack Obama (who was then the President of the United States), and go on a safari in Africa.”

Even as he faced his impending death, Chris never stopped dreaming of a bright future. His dreams gave him purpose, meaning, and peace in his final days.

I assured him that I would make sure that I achieved his dreams for him after he passed away. I wanted him to know that he didn’t dream in vain, and that his vision for the future would go on after he died. 

This gave Chris comfort in his final days, and it gave me purpose in my life as I continued on without him. 

  Chris and his princess, daughter, Emma.

Chris and his princess, daughter, Emma.

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Fighting My Way Back to Health a Second Time

In 2014, I was working at a tech company and juggling a busy family life with my wife and kids. 

Despite living a reasonably healthy lifestyle, my body was showing signs of revolt. I was dealing with an autoimmune condition that limited me physically and effected how I felt about myself, and things didn’t seem to be improving as time went by.

My declining health was stopping me from keeping my promise to my brother Chris, and I was growing more and more frustrated by the day. 

Determined not to let myself, my wife and kids or Chris down, I focused on healing my body through mindset, mindfulness and lifestyle changes. Through a process of trial and error (and lots of hard work), I journeyed my way back to health. 

As my body healed, my mind became more clear, and other things in my life began to shift, too. I knew my career in the technology industry wasn’t helping me grow and become the person I felt I wanted and needed to be. I also started feeling inspired to start begin helping people as part of my career, so I started exploring other possibilities.

putting it all together

As I was mulling my options and trying to figure out my next move, my wife Jenna – who owned a personal training business called Milestone Fitness – came home and exclaimed: “I think you should join me at the gym, and help bring me bring it to another level.” 

My eyes opened wide, and I replied, “We can start a parallel mindset coaching business, too!”

And in those moments, Milestone Mind was born. 

Now my wife and I run the two businesses in conjunction, and my specialty is coaching with high-performing clients and helping them reach their most meaningful goals.

I love what I do, and every day I appreciate being able to bring together all the pieces of my life into a coherent, inspiring profession. 

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Want to find out more about my coaching practice, and how I can help you?

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