Our advanced leadership mindset training system gives you an effective framework to self-explore, define a compelling narrative, and develop the confidence and clarity you need to embark on being the most effective leader possible. We've created this system from scratch, curated from a variety of areas using evidence-based tools and techniques to inquire, navigate, define and pursue your authentic leadership narrative, overcoming the resistance you will face on your path.


THREE GREAT WAYS TO take advantage of
our advanced leadership mindset system:

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Becoming the most effective leader begins with how you lead yourself, first. Perfect for both individuals and for teams, you may choose to do this either in-person or via video chat. We will cover a new module in every session, providing you with work to take with you and do on your own. In subsequent sessions, the focus will be on your personal discovery as you travel to higher peaks and reflect on what you have learned.

One-on-one coaching

6 x meeting Package*
12 x meeting package**
18 x meeting package*

  • Meet with Dave live at 60-minutes/meeting
  • Dave systematically guides you through the process
  • Get global access to a top mindset training system
  • Over 100 pages from our proprietary program
  • Enjoy access to private Facebook and LinkedIn groups
  • Receive highly-personal individual attention
  • Customize the program to meet your individual needs
  • Members-only retreat discounts
  • Access to members-only events

BONUS ONE! FREE life-time access to the Milestone Mind Institute a $591 value! (12-meeting package or more to qualify).

BONUS TWO! Unlimited Text, Emails and Short Phone-Calls with Dave (12-meeting package or more to qualify).

PLEASE NOTE: Due to higher demand, we are only taking on a limited number of clients at a time, so please do not wait. Schedule your free consultation now.

* Number of meetings to be paid in half the number of months (e.g. 6-meetings = 3-monthly payments). 10% discount applied when paid in full.
** Our recommended place to start.

team / corporate coaching

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  • 1 to 2-day intensive hands-on training with Dave
  • On-site or off-site; domestic or international
  • Training can be tailored to meet the goals of almost any organization or event
  • Get global access to a top mindset training system
  • Members-only retreat discounts
  • Access to members-only events
  • Discounted access to the Milestone Mind Institute


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Online guided training you can follow at your own pace

The Milestone Mind Institute is an exclusive online training platform that is helping leaders and elite performers elevate past resistance, and develop an unstoppable focus in their lives. This online system has shown high-performers how to embark upon an expedition of self-discovery and cultivate the advanced mindsets they are looking for, ultimately leading them to the best version of who they can be.

18-module guided expedition

$197 / month*

  • 30-day risk-free trial
  • Receive lifetime accesss
  • Interactive course with guided video
  • Over 100 pages of curriculum
  • Go at your own pace
  • Access from any device - mobile ready
  • Email coaching access to the Milestone Mind team
  • Receive PDF and audio instructional course materials
  • Get global access to a top mindset training system
  • Enjoy access to private Facebook and LinkedIn Groups
  • Members-only retreat discounts
  • Access to members-only events
  • Use coupon code JOURNEY to save 10% today

*A total of 3-monthly payments of $197.



We've developed our retreats to meet the needs of those seeking the most out of life, and who expect the same from the companies they engage with. Our retreats are integrative experiences, that go well-beyond coaching. They are designed to challenge you through shared experiences, exciting challenges, and are guided with proven coaching strategies. The outcome is you will leave recharged, re-engaged, and reconnected with a purpose-driven attitude to reach the next level in your life.


mountainside mindset | oct 2018

This epic adventure changes the game on how mindset coaching is delivered. Expect challenge, but even more expect extreme personal growth, insight and inspiration. We journey into this week with purpose, and walk away with new life-long friends. Experience a once in a lifetime adventure in the endless beauty of the Vermont backdrop.



on deck: 

mountainside mindset | aug 2019

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Past participants have cited a 2x increase in feelings of personal empowerment and an 800% reduction in stress after completing a Milestone Mind program.


Did you know we offer single coaching sessions too?


You can also take advantage of single 60-minute sessions with Dave. We explore new perspectives within a specific aspect of your life. If you have been through the course and want to spend more time on a certain subject, we welcome you!

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I have often wondered how it is that every man loves himself more than all the rest of men, but yet sets less value on his own opinion of himself than on the opinion of others.
— Marcus Aurelius