First, why dave nelson and milestone mind?

(From the cold and windy Mountaintop of course!)

to achieve anything through shared purpose

I am a passionate, engaging speaker, and my mission is to show your employees or conference participants how to harness the power of connection and create teams that work together, build authentic, sustained success, and create truly miraculous results.

Dave’s remarks were fantastic. Most importantly, it was an outstanding message for all of our current student-athletes, parents and coaches to hear.
— Scott M., Director of Athletic Communications, Lafayette College

Why I’m Different Than Most Keynote Speakers

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I speak in an accessible, direct way. I don’t pump people full of platitudes and motivational poster clichés – so your audience will actually experience a change in their mindset during our discussions. They’ll feel inspired and ready to take action when they leave your event.
I always back up my claims with evidence and research, and I’m always happy to provide resources for further study to your audience members.

My goal is to take my real-life experiences and translate them into informative, inspiring presentations



  • Prompt and professional replies to your email messages and calls. 
  • A personal, one-on-one consultation with me, so we can get clear on how I can serve you and your audience.
  • A professionally prepared, engaging presentation focused on achieved the best results for your employees, team members, or conference attendees.
  • Timely follow-up communication after your event, to make sure I met your expectation and answer any remaining questions.


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It was the greatest comeback we had ever seen.
— Massachusetts General Hospital

In 2005, when I was a senior and captain of the football team at Lafayette College, a stranger stabbed me when I tried to intervene in a fight he was having with another man.

My injuries were severe, and I actually died in the cab to the hospital. I’d been dead for seven minutes when the doctors at the hospital revived me.

When I opened my eyes in my hospital room, I knew that I wanted to fully recover. From that moment, my close relationships with my teammates and my love of the sport of football continually inspired me in my journey back to full health.

Two months later, I was back on the football field – and the team went on to win the Patriot League Championship that year. You can learn more about my story here.

These days, I’m a highly sought after personal coach, and I help high-achieving men and women reach their personal and professional goals and connect with their deepest, most important values.


I speak on topics related to team building, connection, motivation, and overcoming resistance. I can customize my presentation to meet your organization’s specific needs, and I can present as a keynote speaker or facilitate a half-day workshop.
Life After Near Death: How to Leverage the Power of Team and Connection to Overcome Anything
This is my most popular talk, and it’s a roadmap for people who want to create and foster authentic, sustained success with their teams – success that comes from a place of purpose, meaning and mission.
If you want to achieve remarkable things, you must learn how to connect deeply with your teammates and operate as a single entity – not as a group of disconnected individuals.



What Others Are Saying About My Keynotes and Workshops

There’s something special about Dave Nelson! Incredible experience led by an incredible man. I enthusiastically recommend Dave’s talks and the Milestone Mind program.
— Joe K., Senior Account Executive, Nutanix, Inc.
If you’re looking to better understand yourself, your motivations, and how to put your own innate strengths to their best use, Dave’s talks are the place to start.
— David C., Cornell MD, Founder of Infinity Family Care
Dave is a modern day sage and if you’re asking me, anyone can benefit from the his talks and the Milestone Mind program!
— Chris L., CrossFit Athlete and Extreme Skier