When Individuals on a Team Know What Personally Motivates Them, the Entire Group Performs Better….

Here at Milestone Mind, we believe we need a brand new approach to organizational and team training.

  Our mission is to help organizations thrive by starting with the individuals themselves.

Our mission is to help organizations thrive by starting with the individuals themselves.

→ If you feel like group performance starts with the individual...

→ That you're a leader who knows a happy and motivated team produces meaningful results through individual performances...

→ That teams thrive only when the individuals are excited, bought in, and feel personally driven...

→ And, that selfish motives and agendas, with no personalization of the individual, are the death of organizations...

→ Then our program is a perfect fit to help create organizational success through the personalization of your people

We’ve got a proven, evidence-based group mindset and mindfulness program that can help you and your team achieve the results you’re looking for.

Organizations That Have leveraged Milestone Mind Include:

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how the milestone mind group performance program works:

  • Performed at your location live and in-person by Dave Nelson, ideally in 10-15 person cohorts (domestic and international).

  • This is a 1 to 2-day intensive, hands-on workshop to build mental resiliency leveraging evidence-based mindset and mindfulness education and programming.

  • Some topics we cover in the workshop include:

    • How to Build Mental Resiliency with Values-based Goal Setting

    • How to Meditate in Under 5-Minutes to State Shift on the Fly

    • Identifying Your Criteria for Peak Performance and Using this in Everyday Life

    • How to Overcome Complacency to Take Meaningful Daily Action

    • How to Lean into Fight, Flight or Freeze when Making Decisions

    • How to Spot Limiting Beliefs and to Eliminate them From Your Mindset

  • Each participant will receive a binder of all of the materials and worksheets.

  • Access to private Milestone Mind Facebook and LinkedIn groups.

  • Highly personalized individual group attention.

  • Bonus #1: 1x/week for 2-weeks post-workshop: individual email with your coach to discuss progress or challenges.

  • Bonus #2: Free lifetime access to any of our online classes at The Milestone Mind Institute.

COST: To access cost, please download your workshop brief overview below.

*Due to high demand for our group performance coaching programs, we only accept a limited amount of 10-person cohorts each month. 

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  Dave presents at a    Boston Fire Department    human performance workshop with O2X.

Dave presents at a Boston Fire Department human performance workshop with O2X.

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what others have to say about our group performance programs:

I have found Milestone Mind to be a source of great clarity, energy and motivation and therefore, a very rewarding process.
— Drew, Co-Founder, Yasso, Inc.
We thought it was outstanding and powerful as it shows in the feedback.
— Adam La Reau, Co-Founder, O2X, Former Naval Special Operations Lieutenant Commander
I learned how to prioritize things important to me and what I’m passionate about. Milestone Mind has challenged me to think broadly.
— Marco, Former Olympic Skier, Goldman Sachs
If you’re looking to better understand yourself and organization, your motivations, and how to put your own innate strengths to their best use, Dave’s group program is the place to start.
— Dr. David Cunningham, Cornell M.D., Founder of Infinity Family Care
The information was awesome. This really helped, and Dave was a great inspiration for me.
— Boston Firefighter
There’s something special about Dave Nelson! Incredible experience led by an incredible man. I enthusiastically recommend the Milestone Mind program.
— Joe, Senior Account Executive, Nutanix

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