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We are professors of practice. We are a team. We are one voice. We believe mental resiliency and emotional wellness are best accomplished by developing self-awareness through community practice. Environment serves a major role in one’s ability to manage stress, and overcome obstacles. We know that once the whole community is in on developing emotional and mental wellness, that they are much more able to overcome challenges and obstacles that they may be faced with personally, professionally and as a team. Community does matter. Positive human connection matters. We develop an open and honest environment, one that allows people to go to new places that they may not go to on their own. And, in this process, the individuals come together as a team to make this process authentic and real. People work best together when they trust and care for one-another, and this is what our program fosters and enables for your team members. When we find a way to cope and thrive together, the individual becomes only that much stronger, but it starts with the individuals themselves. Our goal is to eliminate suffering-in-silence, reverse burn-out, improve team trust and connection, create an environment that supports mental and emotional health, and ultimately, a solution that helps you and your team deliver world-class personal, professional and organizational results.



Stories of Struggle and Triumph

Dave Nelson

Founder and Lead Teacher, Milestone Mind, Inc.

Dave Nelson is the survivor of a near-death experience, as well as an endurance race competitor, former Silicon Valley sales director, and a self-leadership, meditation and human motivation teacher. He’s also a husband and father.

From 2006-2016, Dave worked with companies like EMC, Dell, Nimble Storage, and Rubrik to help them build successful sales teams and build new markets for their products.

In 2016, he founded Milestone Mind, which provides leading-edge self-leadership, mental resiliency and mindfulness training for high-performing people and organizations.

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He studied Sociology and Anthropology at Lafayette College, where he served as the Co-Captain of their 2005 championship football team. He's the recipient of the ECAC Award of Valor as well as recipient of the inaugural Lafayette College David Nelson '06 Award of Valor, established at the school after Dave's return to the gridiron after being dead for 7-minutes just two-months prior to the 2005 Championship season.

Dave has received executive business education from Harvard Business School, undertaken deep meditation practice and education training from Kathmandu University's Centre for Buddhist Studies at Rangjung Yeshe Institute, and is a certified ICF NLP Master Practitioner, Life Coach and CMA Meditation Teacher. You can read more about Dave’s personal journey of struggle to triumph here.

Meet Some of the Experts

Charlie Engle

Kate Milliken

Stacy Bare

André Kajlich

Bend, but don’t break.

The Challenges


"Job burnout accounts for an estimated $125 billion to $190 billion in health-care spending each year and has been attributed to type 2 diabetes, coronary heart disease, gastrointestinal issues, high cholesterol and even death for those under the age of 45."

2-High Turnover

"Work Institute estimates that 42 million, or one in four, employees will leave their jobs in 2018, and that nearly 77 percent, or three-fourths, of that turnover could be prevented by employers. Employers will pay $600 billion in turnover costs in 2018 and can expect that number to increase to $680 billion by 2020."

3-Poor Performance

"Depression rates have risen nearly 20% in the last decade to historic highs, with it costing the U.S. economy roughly $210 Billion in lost productivity." (ScientificAmerican)


"Of the country’s approximately 100 million full-time employees, 51 percent aren’t engaged at work" Gallup, 2016


A 2018 Cigna study has been cited saying nearly half of Americans report ‘sometimes or always feeling alone’, the highest rate ever recorded, despite an ever-connected technological world. The loneliest, to note, are the younger generations, showing that people 35 and under, show the highest rates of loneliness, the same group we are expecting to produce our results

6-Mind Body Disconnect

"We view a person's physical, mental and social health as being entirely connected," said David M. Cordani, president and chief executive officer of Cigna. "It's for this reason that we regularly examine the physical, mental and social needs of our people and the communities they live in. In analyzing this closely, we're seeing a lack of human connection, which ultimately leads to a lack of vitality – or a disconnect between mind and body. We must change this trend by reframing the conversation to be about 'mental wellness' and 'vitality' to speak to our mental-physical connection. When the mind and body are treated as one, we see powerful results."

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Stronger together

Our Solution

We deliver a 6-month hands-on team program.

We get stronger as a team. We kick off every engagement with a 1 to 2-day, hands-on mental and emotional resiliency workshop where a number of our experts will join Dave to deliver stories of resilience, all tying back to ways people can immediately develop resilience in their personal and professional lives.

We will work with you to make sure we are understanding your specific challenges, and then work to align with your organizational goals for your people and our program.

After our first 1-2 days together, the team will go back, and then twice a month from there, Dave will be onsite for 90-minutes each time to ensure improved personal and organizational growth and resiliency.

Dave will work intimately with your team over the course of the next 6-months, skillfully guiding the team through a series of hands-on evidence-based exercises, leading them to deeper insights, improved clarity, and actionable steps to take in their lives.

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The Results

1-Improved Team Focus and Productivity

We skillfully identify what is stopping us from growing, and then work with what is helping us to grow and then commit.

2-Deeper Team Trust and Communication

Our program compassionately works with the team, creating an open and positive environment of honesty, truth and vulnerability.

3-Positive Personal Insights, Purpose and Meaning

People will be able to clearly identify states of well-being, or states of distress, and have the tools to quickly navigate staying the course, or shift back.

4-An Ability to Overcome Challenge

Once your team understands that resilience can be learned, and applied, they become their best path to clarity, inspiration, reduced stress and improved results.

Let’s develop a mental resiliency program for your team.

Kicking Things Off

Milestone Mind Sample 2-Day Program

Day 1

Session one: Stacy Bare

9a-12p: Stacy will provide the team an incredible story of how climbing and outdoors saved his life, and will translate this into a group exercise of the group working together in shifting their perspective of something that was a negative into a positive.

session two: Team Activity

1-3p: We will put together a true team activity, outside of just drinks and finger foods. We will provide a challenging event that tests people to come together, work as a team, and grow stronger as a unit.

session three: Kate Milliken

3-6p: Kate will provide the audience a story of setback, to triumph, to setback to triumph, and the mindset she has used to overcome such debilitating odds. Kate will work with the team, to help them reframe a setback, and establish a plan to move forward.

Day 2

session FOUR: Charlie Engle

9a-12p: Charlie takes us from the depths of sleeping on the floor of a crack house, to reaching the Giza Pyramids after a 110-mile run across the Sahara Desert, to leading the group through an exercise that helps them gain deeper growth insights.

session FIVE: Team Activity

1-3p: We will put together a true team activity, outside of just drinks and finger foods. We will provide a challenging event that tests people to come together, work as a team, and grow stronger as a unit.

session SIX: Dave Nelson

3-6p: Dave will wrap up the day by taking us through a narrative of ups and downs from college football captain to near-death to triumph, blending the science of motivation, values and goal setting leading the group into the next 6-months together.

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what others have to say

I have found Milestone Mind to be a source of great clarity, energy and motivation and therefore, a very rewarding process.
— Drew, Co-Founder, Yasso, Inc.
We thought it was outstanding and powerful as it shows in the feedback.
— Adam La Reau, Co-Founder, O2X, Former Naval Special Operations Lieutenant Commander
I learned how to prioritize things important to me and what I’m passionate about. Milestone Mind has challenged me to think broadly.
— Marco, Former Olympic Skier, Goldman Sachs
If you’re looking to better understand yourself and organization, your motivations, and how to put your own innate strengths to their best use, Dave’s group program is the place to start.
— Dr. David Cunningham, Cornell M.D., Founder of Infinity Family Care
The information was awesome. This really helped, and Dave was a great inspiration for me.
— Boston Firefighter
There’s something special about Dave Nelson! Incredible experience led by an incredible man. I enthusiastically recommend the Milestone Mind program.
— Joe, Senior Account Executive, Nutanix

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